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Welcome to Tunga School of Wisdom

This is an educational math game aiming to develop kids’ mathematical skills and encourage them to love math. 

This is a super game since it contains high quality gamification mechanics with more than 20 learning activities.


Let’s discover it now!!!

Explore Your Home Area


Tunga School of Wisdom has lovely animal characters that can be customized and played interactively. Let your child choose their animal and take care of it. They can eat, drink and sleep for energy. 


Discover all around here with your character. Many objects are interactive here such as;
Food Table: Character can eat something when touched
Water Well: Character can drink water when touched
Bookshelf: You can read story books when touched
Character House: Character enters the house to sleep when touched
Fire: Character goes to the fire to warm up when touched
Town Entrance: Character goes to the village when touched.

Build Up Your Own Town

This is a fantastic 3D village containing lovely designed buildings which can be customized. 


You will see snow man, cookie man and lots of lovely toys besides the buildings.


Every building has six different types, you can have any of them by using wisdom points or real currency. And also the building has an upgrade system. Main building is the school building. If you upgrade your school then you can get more wisdom points from mini games. To gain more wisdom points will help you to design more fantastic villages.

More than 60 Learning Games


The School of Wisdom is designed for kids to develop their mathematical skills such as; (numbers) number sense, (shapes) geometrical thinking, (operations) operational fluency, (memory) memory and (genius) some special brainstorm problem solvings. Each class has a different level of difficulty. It is recommended that you choose these classes according to your child’s current grade. 

Totally 23 games
We will add more games in every update,


All learning activities are created by Teachers

Winter theme is available now! 

  • Snow theme and new toys
  • New mini games
  • Free to play
  • Collections
  • Story books
  • Optimization
  • New UI & UX

Wisdom points will be able to be spent as a currency in store and players will be able to use them to buy lots of assets in the market.


Subscription is not a requirement to login the game anymore, if you don’t want your kid to see ads in the game, we offer you to buy one of the subscription packages including extra asset gifts.